Picture: David Paavig, 2010

The identifying dynamics of the Pressel massage entail that only the legs and sacral area are massaged at the first treatment, emphasizing a flow from the feet upwards. At the second treatment only the back and arms are massaged, emphasizing a flow from the head downwards. At the waist there is an invisible dividing line for the therapist’s hands. The effects of the massage radiate to the opposite half of the body, to the part that was not massaged.

The treatments alternate between “upper” and “lower” massages. Both sessions are executed in a rhythmical exchange and can be interpreted as a lemniscate (figure eight or infinity symbol like shape, see top of page) which does not only have local effects, but also works from its opposite pole. An energizing and healing effect begins with the outer treatment of the musculature and from there reaches the workings of the inner organs.

Dr. Pressel’s words about this effect are as follow: “If you blow into a straw from both ends at the same time, everything stands still.”

This image illustrates the most important intent of the Pressel massage: to initiate a current and to stimulate the free energy flow that every human being possesses, upward and downward between feet and head. The self healing force can be experienced in different ways: as warmth (the blood circulation increases), as lightness, as relaxation (muscular), as tiredness (when waste products are excreted), as determination, as peace of mind, lightness in the soul, as music or as spiritual presence.