Since the death of Simeon Pressel the massage movement has divided itself into two streams, which at first almost lost each other out of sight and even led to contradictions between one another. Lies Pressel has gathered her students for a meeting at Quellhof every year. The Werthmann couple has also organized yearly meetings on the Schwäbische Alb and later in Kassel. In this way the masseurs could in a way cooperate with each other. But the centrifugal force was dominating during these years. In 1998 they tried to have a meeting with help by moderators between Lies Pressel and Gretl Stritzel. Both women were suffering for not being able to bridge the contradictions between them during their lifetime.

Lies Pressel and Dorothea Friemel have since 2007 again tried to meet in a dialogue, to clear up what is equal and what is different, and to work for a productive expansion. In the beginning the moderators were Elma and Jülia Pressel. Then in year 2012 this small group met with Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler at Goetheanum in Switzerland. There they got a distinguishable assignment: to process the history of the movement (orally and in written form) and to establish a professional association for the German masseurs.

The history process  is not yet finished, but the greater part is completed through the yearly meetings that were held with a growing number of participants.

Elma Pressel is working as coordinator for the anthroposophical physical therapies at Goetheanum since 2013, in the center of the activities that want to shape the anthroposophical therapies in a united and internationally binding way, so that it will be plain for the surrounding and free for the practitioners.

The Association for Massage According to Dr. Simeon Pressel was founded as a registered association on May 17, 2014, with its headquarter in Kassel.

In recent years, masseurs at different conferences at the Goetheanum have repeatedly practiced and demonstrated collegial cooperation in comparative work groups; partly, therapists have met within the Massage according to Dr. Simeon Pressel, and secondly, they have collaborated with colleagues from other therapy methods.

Jülia Pressel has sought out patients and course participants from Simeon Pressel's days and asked them about their memories and impressions. She has written down what they have told about Simeon Pressel as a man, doctor, therapist, masseur and teacher.

The Massage According to Dr. Simeon Pressel was recognized as an anthroposophical therapy method on September 14, 2017, through the medical section at Goetheanum.

A list of massage therapists, their email addresses and residential locations is being built up.

The annual massage meetings are now organized together, in such a way that they meet every two years in Kassel or Loheland, and every two years at Quellhof, for a weekend whose purpose is training, meeting and inspiration. There the masseurs from the different schools exchange information with each other and learn from each other.

A circle of responsibility has been formed with representatives from the various schools. With the help of Martin Bacher's moderation (Simeon Pressel's nephew and business consultant), this circle has drawn up a draft for a comission statement for the massage movement. This draft is processed together with all colleagues who can be reached via the internet and / or who participate in the annual meetings, and we expect that this comission statement will receive its final form in 2019.

In 2018, twelve teachers, under the moderation of Thorsten Hartmann, have begun to develop a syllabus ("Rahmencurricculum") for the continuing education within Massage According to Dr. Simeon Pressel. The intention is that this syllabus could be recognized by all schools, internationally, and give the education a connecting framework, while the teachers as far as possible retain their freedom. This project is not yet finished, but it is already evident that there is a strong common spirit that wants to lead this movement to heal. This gives the participants a surprising joy in the collaboration. Hope for the future is expressed here.