Lies Pressel was trained in rhythmical massage by Olga Smits (who often observed at Dr. Pressel’s practice in the 1930s) and thereafter in a formal training course conducted by Dr. M. Hauschka (1896 - 1980). The courses took place at Bingenheim Castle and in Stuttgart. At the end of the 1950s there was not yet a training school in Boll, but there was a strong wish among Dr. Hauschka’s colleagues to found a school in order to develop a unified form for the Rhythmical Massage and the artistic therapies.

Dr. Pressel’s work was not unknown here, but it was rejected. It was considered therapeutically irresponsible to address a patient’s Astral body and Ego through massage. Lies Pressel’s therapeutic collaboration with Dr. Pressel was also not understood within this circle of colleagues. But Dr. Hauschka herself valued the work of Dr. Pressel. This lead to his being asked to give a lecture on his work on the planet qualities to a graduating class in 1978, which he was happy to do. After this Dr. Hauschka voiced a wish for him to deliver this knowledge to every graduating class. The wish was not granted by Dr. Hauschka’s board, so as a result Dr. Pressel only gave his lecture that one time.

Dr. Hauschka and Dr. Pressel, both massaging physicians, stood each other near on a human level in their readiness to serve, their modesty and also in their artistic spiritual pursuits. They even died in the same year, 1980.